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Will Apple buy Disney Studios?

Image Over the past 15 years, the Walt Disney empire has spent about $ 100 billion to buy Pixar, Lucasfilm, Marvel, Fox and other film studios. Now she can go herself under the wing of another corporation. The company has been losing millions of dollars in recent days due to the coronavirus. As a result, rumors circulated in Hollywood that Disney would be an easy target for Apple.

Just three months ago, the price of Mouse House shares reached an all-time high of $ 151.64. COVID-19 literally cuts Disney's monetary assets: since the beginning of the epidemic, the company has lost a third of its financial value, and now the share price is below $ 100.

At the moment, the price of the studio is about $ 165 billion. While the Disney people are losing money, Apple is making money. Shares of the "apple" corporation rose 12% and reached $ 278. Analysts believe that today Apple can raise $ 107 billion to buy the Hollywood movie giant.


So far, this amount does not cover the cost of the House of Mouse, but the difference will begin to decrease while maintaining the current market dynamics. If the coronavirus situation does not change, Disney will continue to lose money from film distributions, filming cancellations and the closure of amusement parks.

Apple and Disney officials declined to comment.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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