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Netflix will turn on economy mode

Image They say that money cannot buy happiness, and it really is. However, there are many things that money can buy. Who else but Netflix knows a lot about this. Since its inception, the streaming service has spent more than one billion dollars acquiring an uncounted amount of original content and promoting it in every way in order to earn a certain status in the industry. However, it turned out that Netflix is going to become more economical for the foreseeable future.

The Information publication reports that the streaming service is developing a new monetary policy, the main element of which will be not just spending dollars left and right, but a more rational approach to the choice of content for funding. Ted Sarandos, in a recent report, stressed that the company must stop investing huge amounts of projects until they guarantee a return on investment.

One of the projects mentioned in the report was Triple Frontier, a film starring Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac and Pedro Pascal. It cost the service $ 115 million, but did not particularly appeal to critics and subscribers, although official views were not disclosed.


However, this does not mean that Netflix is no longer going to mess with big-budget productions. Most recently, the online service announced plans to create an 11-episode show based on DC comics "The Sandman", which will attract significant funds. In addition, an epic fantasy series with Henry Cavill "The Witcher" is expected to be released in December, which could become one of the most expensive TV shows ever. In terms of film production, the latest streaming platform announcements include massive sci-fi from George Clooney and an adaptation of the video game The Division with Jessica Chastain and Jake Gyllenhaal.

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Author: Jake Pinkman