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Image In the stream of news about sequels and relaunches of favorite old films, a fresh stream of original plot has appeared. The directors of Paranormal Activity 3 and Paranormal Activity 4, Henry Just and Ariel Schulman, have accepted an invitation to the as-yet-untitled Paramount Players project. According to producer Matt Kaplan ("The Lazarus Effect"), who got the rights to film an incident from the life of an Australian family, the future tape will look like a mix of films "Home Alone" and "Catch Me If You Can."

Brendan O'Brien ("Neighbors. On the Warpath") wrote the script based on the story of a 12-year-old Australian boy who outwitted his family, stole his mom's credit card and went on an exciting journey to Bali. The Guardian, The Independent and The Washington Post wrote about the case, in whose publications the boy's identity was not disclosed - the hero is simply called "Drew". What adventures can a 12-year-old with a credit card get into when she finds herself alone in Bali? At least a boy can rent a jetpack and try to fly like little Iron Man!

While the combination of Home Alone and Catch Me If You can sound tempting, it's clear that Drew's character is a bigger bully than 90s idol Kevin McCallister. The latter is an obedient boy, these circumstances forced the hero Macaulay Culkin to show ingenuity and cruelty for the sake of self-defense. Rather, Drew will be like Junior from the movie “Problem Child,” who would have liked the idea of stealing his parents' money and flying to a tropical island.


The duet of Just and Shulman has already worked together on the set of the thriller Nerve, and will soon take part in a new project on the Netflix platform.

Source: Collider

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