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John Voight Medal Awarded by Donald Trump


US President Donald Trump has signed a decree awarding the popular Hollywood actor John Voight with the National Medal of the Arts. The document notes that Voight has created a large number of "impressive images that give an idea of the richness of the human mind and heart." It also notes that the actor has "an exceptional ability to portray complex characters."

The awards ceremony will take place November 21, 2019 at the White House. Note that Jon Voight is one of the few Hollywood actors of this caliber who openly support the policies of the current US President. Previously, he was an active opponent of Barack Obama. So, in one of the interviews he declared him a Marxist. " controlling the national media, like one of the Latin American dictators. "

Despite his venerable age, Jon Voight continues to actively act in movies. One of his last works at the time of publication of this article was a role in the popular television series "Ray Donovan", in which he played the father of the main character. His contributions to this show have received Golden Globes and other prestigious awards.

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Author: Jake Pinkman