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Rock wiped everyone's nose

Image Every year, Forbes publishes a list of the highest paid actors, and 2020, despite all its difficulties, was no exception. The leader of the rating has also remained unchanged: Dwayne Johnson gets more than others in Hollywood.

This year's rating differs from the previous one also in that in recent months the actors could not count on the box office and, accordingly, a percentage of them. During the pandemic, streaming services took the lead. Unsurprisingly, more than a quarter of the $ 545.5 million earned by the top 10 highest-paid male stars went to Netflix.

So, the same Dwayne Johnson, who earned $ 87.5 million in a year, received $ 23.5 million from Netflix, and all thanks to the role of an Interpol agent in the thriller Red Notice, which has not even been released yet. On streaming, almost the same rules apply as in movies: if you attract a huge audience, then you get rather big sums. The only amendment is that Netflix measures the number of views and re-views, as well as the activity of stars on social networks.


Another Netflix golden boy is Ryan Reynolds. It was he who, with his income of $ 71.5 million, got the second position in the Forbes list. Ryan received $ 20 million from the streaming giant for The Ghost Six and the same Red Notice, and in July Netflix expressed a desire to work with the actor on the third project. This means that in the foreseeable future, Reynolds will receive another check for an impressive amount.


Won from a partnership with Netflix and Mark Wahlberg, who boasts a revenue of $ 58 million. The action-comedy "Spencer's Justice", although not hitting critics in the heart, but became the third most viewed on the platform. Wahlberg also received millions from the production of the documentary series McMillions and Wall Street.

After a short break, Ben Affleck ($ 55 million) returned to the screens, appearing this year in the dramas The Last Thing He Wanted and Offside. The first, by the way, came out on Netflix. Vin Diesel ($ 54 million) is stepping on Affleck's heels, who could have climbed higher, but due to the postponement of the premiere of the ninth Fast and the Furious, he missed millions.


Bollywood star Akshay Kumar ($ 48.5 million), Lin-Manuel Miranda ($ 45.5 million), Will Smith ($ 44.5 million), Adam Sandler ($ 41 million) and Jackie Chan ($ 40 million).

Source: Forbes

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Author: Jake Pinkman