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Dinosaurs helped Universal set new records

Image As reported by Deadline , the blockbuster " Jurassic World " was the first film in the history of cinematography to earn over $ 500 million during its premiere weekend. br />
Thanks to the phenomenal success of Colin Trevorrow's film, Universal was able to set several new box office records at once. The studio's films were the fastest in history to break the $ 1 billion mark at the American box office. The previous record has been held since 2008, when Paramount projects reached this amount by June 22.

Over the past weekend, Universal films globally surpassed $ 3.3 billion in 2015, allowing the company to break another record. In 2010, the tapes of the studio 20th Century Fox earned $ 3 billion two weeks later.

This year has already become the most successful financially in the history of Universal . The studio's previous record at the box office for the entire calendar year was $ 2.258 billion .


Movies such as Fast and Furious 7 ( $ 1.51 billion ) and Fifty Shades of Gray ( $ 569 million ) and Pitch Perfect 2 ( $ 259 million ). Until the end of the year, the studio will also replenish the piggy bank "Minions", "Third Extra 2", "Everest", "Steve Jobs", "Crimson Peak" and other films.

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Author: Jake Pinkman