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Casting: on Somali pirates and terrorists in Mumbai

Image According to The Hollywood Reporter , Where the White Man Runs Away has been joined by Al Pacino (Scarface), Barkhad Abdi ("Captain Phillips") and Melanie Griffith ("Lolita").

Brian Buckley (Bronze) will be in charge of the shooting, with Evan Peters playing the lead role. He will play the journalist Jay Bahadur, who wrote the bestseller Somali Pirates , which formed the basis of the film's script.

Pacino got the role of Seymour Tobin - a former war correspondent who prefers to tell the truth not only about events on the battlefield, but also about many other things. Abdi played a Somali pirate in "Captain Phillips" , but in the new project he will embody the image of a translator accompanying the protagonist on a journey through Somalia. Melanie Griffith got the role of the eccentric mother of Bahadur .


Filming will begin this month in New York and continue in Cape Town in March.

The same source writes that Gina Carano ("Knockout") and John Hanna ("The Mummy") went to the set of the fantastic action movie " Scorched Earth >". The script was written by Bobby Mort and Kevin Leeson and directed by Peter Howitt (Laws of Attraction).


After an ecological catastrophe that destroyed billions of people, a new generation has finally grown up on the planet. Gage ( Carano ) is a bounty hunter who one day realizes that life is more than just survival. John Hanna will play the role of the heroine's mentor and confidant.

Dean S. Jagger and Ryan Robbins are also taking part in the shooting, which started in Vancouver.


Dev Patel (Slumdog Millionaire) and Armie Hammer (Agents A.N.C.L.) are in talks to get the lead roles in the film Hotel Mumbai , which will tell about the terrorist attacks that took place in 2008 in Mumbai. Then more than a hundred people were captured by the military in the Taj Mahal hotel, and about 160 people died as a result of the outbreak of fire.

Also at the negotiating table were Nazanin Boniadi (Homeland / Homeland ), Teresa Palmer (The Heat of Our Bodies) and Kunal Nayer. Writers John Colley and Anthony Maras took the documentary "Survive in Mumbai" as the basis for the plot. Maras himself will lead the shooting of the picture.

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