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Casting: Nicole Kidman to DC, Michael Stoolbarg to Marvel

Image The cast of the blockbuster Wonder Woman may be replenished with an Oscar-winning Nicole Kidman . According to the portal The Wrap , the Hollywood star of the first magnitude is negotiating an important role in the project, the director's chair of which has been staked out by Patty Jenkins. If the negotiations go well, Nicole will join Gal Gadot and Chris Pine, who have already signed their contracts.

The name of the heroine, whose image is proposed to embody Kidman , has not yet been disclosed, but the source claims that it will be one of the"high-ranking Amazonian warriors", perhaps even the Queen herself Hippolyta . According to the comics, Diana (Gadot) was her daughter. However, some suggest that Nicole can play the villainous sorceress Circe - one of the main opponents of Wonder Woman .

The release of the picture in our country is scheduled for June 27, 2017 , but the first appearance of Gal Gadot in the image of Wonder Woman on the big screens will take place in the blockbuster " Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, "that is, next March. Most likely, the heroine will play a role in the plot of the Justice League.


Replenishment is also expected in the thriller The Coldest City . According to the resource JoBlo , John Goodman ("The Big Lebowski"), an actor who can decorate absolutely any project. Charlize Theron will play the main role in this film.The action will take place in Germany in 1989. Communism and the Berlin Wall are about to collapse, but before that happens, the MI6 agent must hand over to his leadership the list of scouts present in the city. The best MI6 spy Lauren Broughton (Theron) has been entrusted with finding this list. Goodman , if he signs up to take part in the filming, will try on the image of an American agent working immediately with several parties to the conflict.<

And finally, one more negotiations are taking place within the hospitable walls of the Marvel studio. THR managed to find out that the serious man Michael Stulbarg was the last one who managed to jump aboard the fantasy project Doctor Strange .The doctor first appeared in comics in 1963. Strange was a top-notch New York surgeon, but had an accident and injured his hands. He decided to recover in Tibet, where at the same time he learned the magic craft and returned to New York as a real sorcerer with superpowers.Benedict Cumberbatch will play the title role in the film, Tilda Swinton will play The Elder . As for Stoolbarg , it is rumored that he was prepared for the role of the scientist Nicodemus West ,

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