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Banks and Gunn will scare viewers again

Image Before James Gunn got into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he managed to work in the horror genre. The director plans to keep the third "Guardians of the Galaxy", but he is not averse to getting back to basics - Gunn will produce an unnamed horror film for The H Collective. According to the Deadline portal, the main role in the film was given to Elizabeth Banks, whom Gann met at the dawn of his directorial career in Hollywood.

The first news about the project appeared in November last year. And if James Gunn is the producer of the tape, then his brother Brian and cousin Mark are the scriptwriters. The director's chair has been given to David Yaroveski (Roy). Filming is due to start in spring, but the details of the plot are still kept secret.

According to Gann himself, in recent years, this is the only project, apart from "Guardians of the Galaxy", has caused a storm of emotions in it: it is very personal, creepy and perfect for our time. James Gunn's debut in full-length was the comedy horror film "Slug" with Elizabeth Banks in the title role. Since then, the filmmaker dreamed of working with the actress again, but their plans and goals constantly did not coincide. The new horror movie seemed to Gann the ideal option for joint collaboration.


Elizabeth Banks recently wrapped up Murders on Happy Days and is now directing and producing for Sony to reboot Charlie's Angels.

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