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US Boxing Office: Super Heroes Favorite

Image Over the past week, analysts have been wondering if Wrinkle of Time will get ahead of Black Panther. As a result, it turned out that viewers prefer superheroes over fantastic adventures, but Disney studio in any case won - it was her two films that led the North American distribution last weekend (March 9-11).

Black Panther continues to dominate the US box office. The weekend brought the blockbuster Marvel another $ 41.1 million, which allowed him to lead the financial rankings for the fourth week in a row. The last time the audience showed such loyalty was to The Force Awakens. All in all, the film about T'Challa earned $ 562 million at home, and now it is the seventh highest grossing film in the history of the American box office.

The creators of the film were impatiently awaiting its premiere in China, and the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom did not disappoint: this weekend they brought $ 66.5 million to the Black Panther's piggy bank. the fifth Marvel superhero action movie to break the $ 1 billion mark at the worldwide box office.


The debutant of the week, fantasy "A Wrinkle in Time", had to settle for only second place. In general, the film began its trip to cinemas at the level of forecasts, starting at $ 33.3 million. Not too impressive result by the standards of modern blockbusters can be explained by both competition from Black Panther and mixed reviews from critics. While "The Break of Time" is compared in terms of financial indicators with the "Earth of the Future", and this comparison is not good for the picture of Ava DuVerney, because "Earth of the Future" became one of the failures of 2015, having mastered only $ 209.1 million in the world against $ 190 million budget.


Madeleine L'Engle's book about a girl named Meg Murry trying to help her father was already filmed 15 years ago, and the reviewers did not praise that attempt very highly. It was rumored that after that the writer for a long time did not want to see the next adaptation of her brainchild on the big screens, but Disney studio nevertheless achieved its goal, and entrusted the shooting of the film with a price tag of more than $ 100 million to Ave DuVernay. It is noteworthy that before that the director received an equally tempting offer from Marvel - to lead the work on "Black Panther", but refused such an opportunity due to creative differences.

DuVernay had an excellent literary original in his hands, and a stellar cast at his disposal, but the film still lacks something. It turned out bright and beautiful, with a positive message, but too uneven. Many reviewers say that the ambitious project disappointed them, and if there is a secret recipe for a successful film adaptation of L'Engle's work, then Disney has not been able to unravel all its ingredients.


The third line was taken by another newcomer of the rental, the horror film "Strangers: Cruel Intentions". The film by Johannes Roberts, like most low-budget horror films, earned a low C rating from cinema goers, but at the same time made them fork out $ 10.5 million. Interestingly, some critics liked the film. The spooky and stylish sequel turned out to be much better than the first part, which came out ten years ago, and some scenes even resemble the classics of John Carpenter.


Because of the nimble newcomers to the action thriller "Red Sparrow" had to say goodbye to the position of vice-leader. The film starring Jennifer Lawrence lost half its audience in a week and ended its second weekend with a score of $ 8.2 million, which allowed it to take only fourth place. So far, 20th Century Fox can hardly be proud of the film's achievements: at home it grossed $ 31.1 million with a budget of $ 69 million. Fortunately, viewers overseas appreciated Lawrence's talent and her spy adventures, giving away $ 51.8 million for viewing.


But the comedy "Night Games" holds up better than "Red Sparrow". The audience's interest in the film is gradually fading away, and the third week at the box office brought her $ 7.9 million. In home theaters, the film earned a little more than $ 45 million, but it cannot boast the same fees outside the United States. So far, Games of the Night have grossed its creators $ 69.7 million.

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