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Joss Whedon abandoned Batgirl

Image The other day in the press there were rumors that the priority for the Warner Bros. are The Flash and Batgirl's solo album. The latter was to be directed by Joss Whedon, but he unexpectedly decided to leave the project.

WB bosses offered the director of "Avengers" and "Age of Ultron" to join the DC universe last spring, and soon it became known that Whedon would also be engaged in additional filming of "Justice League" instead of Zach Snyder. However, now that the blockbuster is complete, Whedon has decided that the story of Batgirl is too tough for him.

In a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, the director admitted: "'Batgirl' ' Is an incredibly interesting project, and the Warner Bros. and DC are great partners, but it took me months to realize that I have no plot. I am grateful to Jeff Jones, Toby Emmerich and everyone who made me feel welcome, but I screwed up in the end. ”.


According to the source, Whedon, after a year of working on the script, was never able to figure out what the Batgirl movie should be like. What's more, insiders believe that, following the success of Wonder Woman, the decision to invite a man to direct Batgirl would have come under fire.

Now the future of the Barbara Gordon project seems to be as vague as the fate of the entire DC universe. The franchise is now going through hard times, and different sources sometimes provide diametrically opposite information about its condition. Therefore, no one would be surprised if the WB management decides to send Batgirl's solo album to the shelf, although, if desired, the studio could get an interesting teenage superhero, somewhat reminiscent of Peter Parker.


Whedon's plans for the future are still unclear. He can either stay in the DC cinematic universe or turn his attention to other projects. Probably, the filmmaker will still decide to take a break from superheroics, which he was going to do after the "Age of Ultron".

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Author: Jake Pinkman