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Disney + moved to action

Image Disney + continues to expand its library, and this time the company plans to launch a project that is not quite familiar to a family platform. The streaming service intends to turn James Cameron's True Lies R action game into a TV series. The adaptation will be directed by McG (Charlie's Angels).

According to the plot, Harry Tasker (Arnold Schwarzenegger) leads a seemingly ordinary family life, earning money by selling computers. But no one knows that he is secretly working for an anti-terrorist organization. Agent Tasker speaks several languages, knows all about weapons and has sent bad guys to the next world more than once. His little secret would have remained a mystery if Harry and his wife Helen (Jamie Lee Curtis) had not been kidnapped by terrorists. Now Helen has to get to know her husband again and finally go on the adventure that she dreamed of. True, with a threat to life.

True Lies largely received critical acclaim, becoming the third-highest grossing film in 1994. What the new version will be is not yet clear. According to McG, the series will be more like a reboot, and if Schwarzenegger wants to take part in the project, they will definitely write a role for him. By the way, the director himself turned out to be a fan of the old action: “I am madly in love with this story. When you think you know your partner, but you really don't. ”

An adaptation of the once popular film has been discussed previously, but under the auspices of 20 Century Fox. In 2017, the same McG was supposed to direct the project. And James Cameron claimed the role of executive producer. Since then, there has been no news about the series, but now the authors claim that the project is progressing successfully.

Source: Collider

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