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Marriage in revenge

Image In 2009, the popular American actress Cheryl Hines made her directorial debut with the black comedy It's a Divorce! As it became known to the publication Deadline, the two-time Emmy nominee decided to return to the director's chair and again raise the issue of the complexities of love relationships.

If the heroes of Hines' debut film were on the verge of divorce, then the characters in her second film would be preparing for the wedding. In the center of the plot of the comedy "Revenge Wedding" * will be the future bride, who, on the eve of the wedding, learns that her rich groom is cheating on her with another woman. The main character of the story decides to persuade her friends to use the wedding day to implement a sophisticated plan of revenge ...

This fascinating and funny story will appeal to everyone who has ever faced betrayal by a loved one,” Cheryl assured moviegoers.


The film will be produced by CBS Film, and will be produced by Andrew O'Connor (This Awkward Moment), Suzanne Todd (Austin Powers: The International Man of Mystery) and Jordan Schur (The Warrior).

* - preliminary translation.

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