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Christian Bale is thinking about health

Image It's no secret that Hollywood has many fans of the famous Stanislavsky system. One of the most ardent adherents of this acting technique is Oscar-winning Christian Bale, who not only brilliantly gets used to the characters of his characters, but also often changes his own appearance beyond recognition. The fact that shortly before the start of filming in the expensive trilogy "The Dark Knight" he lost 57 kg in order to participate in the low-budget thriller "The Machinist" eloquently testifies to the devotion of the Briton to the USA theory of theatrical art. Last year, the actor amazed viewers and film critics again by gaining over 16 kg for the role of Dick Cheney in the dramedy "Power".

The Vice President of the United States could be Bale's last role for which he had to undergo such an impressive transformation. The actor admitted to the journalists of the Culture publication that weight loss and weight gain began to seriously affect his health. Christian will turn 45 next week. It seems that on the eve of this significant date, the actor decided to finally moderate his agility. "I can no longer do such experiments on my own body," Christian said. "Recently, I have become very aware that we are all mortal."

It is curious that while working on the image of Cheney, the actor phoned his good friend and colleague Gary Oldman, who won an Oscar for his reincarnation as Winston Churchill. To Bale's surprise, Oldman let slip that he didn't have to put on a single gram of extra weight for the role. The image of the British Prime Minister who was not particularly concerned about his health was helped to create by experts in plastic makeup and talented costume designers, who placed special linings under the actor's clothes. Apparently, Christian will follow his friend's example and begin to trust the masters of his craft more.


The news will clearly upset his four-year-old. “My little son Joseph was completely delighted with the fat belly that I grew for the role of Cheney, - said the actor. "He really enjoyed using my belly as a trampoline."

His role in Vlast has already brought Bale a Golden Globe and two awards from the Association of Film and Television Critics, and tomorrow his name may sound during the official presentation of the nominees for the Oscar-2019.

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Author: Jake Pinkman