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Robin Hood Legend to Become Superhero Franchise


Sony Pictures, which is actively looking for a new franchise, intends to shoot a series of movies based on the popular ballads about the English robber Robin Hood. This is reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

In addition to Robin himself, it is expected that, in addition to Robin himself, his famous associates, such as Little John, Monk Took, Will Scarlett and others, will receive their own movies. The timing of work on the first movie adaptation has not yet been specified, it is only known that Corey Goodman and Jeremy Lott will write the script.

Recall that Robin Hood is the hero of a large number of medieval English legends. The most famous of them claim that his gang, which robbed the rich and gave part of the loot to the poor, operated in Sherwood Forest near Nottingham. The identity of the prototype Robin Hood is unknown, as are the years of his life.

The most popular version, proposed by the writer Walter Scott, according to which the famous robber lived in the XII century, that is, was a contemporary of King Richard the Lionheart.

Based on the ballads about Robin Hood, many movies have been shot. One of the most recent was a picture directed by Ridley Scott, released in 2010.

The most famous performer of the role of the robber is Errol Flynn, who played Robin Hood in the 1938 movie.

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