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Creator Diablo 3 left Blizzard


Diablo 3 Chief Game Director Josh Mosqueira has retired from Blizzard. According to Gamespot, Blizzard said: “Project Diablo 3 is now in such a state that Josh can safely leave the team without embarrassing it. We will now select a suitable successor either from Blizzard itself or from outside. ".

Mosqueira himself also commented on the departure on his Twitter:" Thanks to the great team and the whole community! #diablo forever. "

Josh Mosqueira took over as Game Director of Diablo III, replacing Jay Wilson, in 2013. Wilson himself left Blizzard after leaving office. It is worth noting that Wilson and Mosqueira are far from the only outstanding specialists to retire. Diablo III's chief designer, Leonard Boyarsky, left the development team earlier in 2016.

The new hires will be based at Blizzard's headquarters in Irvine and California. According to BlizzPro, the job announcement was posted this week. People with "outstanding communication skills, experience in creative direction, ability in system design and, most importantly, achievements in working with" AAA games "are invited to the vacancy.

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