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Gillian Anderson as Agent 007


X-Files star Gillian Anderson has thanked her fans for supporting her as the next 007 Bond actress. The corresponding comment of the actress appeared on her official Twitter page.

"This is Bond. Jane Bond. Thanks for your voices. Sorry, I don't know who made this poster, but I like it," Anderson wrote, referring to the illustration of her as 007 on a friend to all fans of the "Bond" background. She accompanied her entry with the hashtag #NextBond.

Note that after repeated statements by the performer of the role of Bond Daniel Craig that he does not intend to return to this image anymore, fans of the franchise began to offer their candidates, including Gillan Anderson.

The most popular contender was Tom Hiddleston, British bookmakers even stopped accepting bets on this actor.

According to the latest information at the time of this writing, the producers of "Bond" offered Daniel Craig about $ 100 million for participation in the next two episodes. Whether this is so and what the actor's reaction was is still unknown.

The premiere date of the 25th movie from the world-famous series has not been specified.

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Author: Jake Pinkman