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Leonardo DiCaprio showed the Yakut Oscar


Leonardo DiCaprio still received a souvenir "Oscar", which even before the ceremony of awarding the American Film Academy, the residents of Yakutia decided to award him. The actor confirmed receipt by posting a photo of the "award" on his Instagram page.

"I thank the residents of Yakutia for this wonderful gift, especially all the women who collected the materials necessary to create this statuette. As I was written in a letter, Yakutia is not only the coldest place in USA, but in the world in general, and the nature of this region extremely vulnerable to climate change. Rising temperatures pose a threat to the people living there and threaten to change their way of life, "he wrote.

Note that the statuette was made from one and a half kilograms of silver, which was collected, as they say, "by the whole world." She was ready for the Oscar 2016 ceremony, and the initiators of the action promised to present the award to Leonardo DiCaprio regardless of the results of the voting by the movie academics.

Recall that in 2016, the actor was first awarded an Oscar for his leading role in the drama "The Survivor". Prior to that, he had several applications for the award, but to no avail.

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Author: Jake Pinkman