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Warner Bros. refused to movie the popular manga


Warner Bros. Film Studio has abandoned the adaptation of the popular manga Death Note and is ready to transfer all rights to the project to the streaming service Netfix. According to The Wrap, this information came after it became known about the studio's intention to significantly reduce the number of movies it produces.

The main actors in the movie, the preparation for which was conducted by Warner Bros. in full swing, Nat Wolfe and Margaret Qualley are listed, familiar to viewers from the series "Paper Towns" and "The Remains". Most likely, Netflix management will not change the already approved cast.

The plot of the manga is built around a student who accidentally becomes the owner of the Notebook of the God of Death, which allows him to kill any inhabitant of the Earth. To do this, it is enough just to write the name of the person on its pages. Imagining himself as an avenger, the main character begins to methodically destroy criminals and other villains, which could not fail to attract the attention of the special services. The best FBI detective is sent to the mysterious killer. The manga, written by popular Japanese screenwriter Tsugumi Oba, was published from 2004 to 2005.

Note that representatives of the Warner Bros. continue to stubbornly deny rumors of cutbacks in movie production. However, various and unrelated sources claim that the more than unsatisfactory distribution of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice forced the studio to cut back.

The Topic of Article: Warner Bros. refused to movie the popular manga.
Author: Jake Pinkman