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Main Oscar 2017 wins Moonlight


The 2017 Academy Award for Best Picture went to the drama Moonlight. His rivals in this category were "Arrival", "For reasons of conscience", "Hidden figures", "Lion", "Fences", "At any cost", "Manchester by the sea", "La La Land".

The Moonlight award was overshadowed by a strange mistake: the musical "La La Land" was named the winner, and its creators had already taken the stage to claim their trophies, but then it turned out that the Academy Award still went to their rivals. In total, Moonlight has won three Oscars out of the eight for which it has been nominated. It was also awarded the 2017 Golden Globes for Best Drama Film of 2016.

Recall that the Oscar 2017 ceremony was held in Los Angeles. It was hosted by the popular American TV presenter Jimmy Kimmel. A complete list of the nominees for the award and the winners can be found in the special Oscar section of the Cinema News portal. It also contains detailed information on all previous Academy Trophy winners. They are in chronological order.

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Author: Jake Pinkman