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Rogue Director Stole the Death Star's Plans


The plans for the battle station of the Galactic Empire were indeed kidnapped, but this was not done by the rebels, as evidenced by the mythology of "Star Wars", but by the director of the movie "Rogue One. A Star Wars Story" Gareth Edwards. The director himself confessed to what he had done while communicating with fans on the official Star Wars page on Facebook.

"This is the only thing I dreamed about during movieing. All this time I was trying to find out from the staff: where are these plans stored? Where will they be after the movieing is over? How can I get them? And they always answered me:" Well , no, they will immediately go to the archive, as they will become a part of the history of this movie, and everything is in the same spirit. "Therefore, I never did it, because they would simply not allow me," the director explained. However, he was immediately shamed by the other participants in the project and in the end was forced to admit that he had stolen the coveted plans. Edwards did not elaborate on the reaction of Lucasmovie studio management to his illegal actions.

As a reminder, Rogue One Star Wars Stories will be the first Star Wars spin-off. The movie takes place between the third and fourth episodes of the popular saga.

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Author: Jake Pinkman