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Time Warner is up for sale


Time Warner, which owns assets such as Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment is up for sale. According to Bloomberg, the buyer may be one of the largest American telecommunications companies AT & T, negotiations with the leadership of which are already underway. Potential contenders also include Google and Apple, so AT & T hastened the negotiation process.

The market value of Time Warner is estimated at the time of this writing at $ 85-90 billion. In the wake of rumors about a possible sale, the price of the company's shares rose by eight percent to $ 89.4 per share.

Recall that at the time of the merger with AOL, which happened 15 years ago, the shares were priced on the stock exchange at $ 208, and then the price systematically decreased. Wall Street experts AT & T predict that it will be ready to acquire Time Warner even at a share price of $ 104 per share.

Financiers are confident that the main asset that potential buyers are interested in is not the Warner Bros. studio. or DC Entertainment, and HBO, which is showing steady profit growth. Note that HBO produces such popular TV series as Game of Thrones, Westworld and others.

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Author: Jake Pinkman