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Lady Gaga may play Donatella Versace


Several details have been revealed regarding the production of the second and third seasons of the American Crime Story anthology. Ryan Murphy, creator of FX anthology, spoke about them at the annual PopFest, hosted by Entertainment Weekly.

As previously announced, the second season will cover the disastrous aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The third season will focus on the 1997 assassination of renowned fashion designer Gianni Versace. Filming for both seasons will take place simultaneously with different cast and production teams – "Katrina" - in June, and "Versace / Cunanan" – in April 2017.

Casting is currently underway for both seasons, details of which were not disclosed. When asked by the host of the event whether Lady Gaga really got the role of "the ideal Donatella Versace", Murphy paused and grinned: "What did you say?", After which there was a furious noise in the hall.

"I have always been was interested and horrified by the story of Versace, and I thought it was perfect for the anthology, since this is a police investigation, '' Murphy noted. – Serial killer Andrew Kyunanen killed four people before it came to Versace, and remained We want to investigate and find out why this happened.The tragedy of Versace could have been avoided if Kyunenen had been searched for right after the first murder, but he killed gays, and no one gave a damn.

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