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Video of Harrison Ford's plane landing dangerous


The dangerous landing of Harrison Ford's plane at John Wayne Airport in California, which almost collided with a passenger airliner, came into the field of view of airport surveillance cameras. The video was released by TMZ.

Recall that the incident took place in mid-February 2017. The popular Hollywood actor piloted the Husky single-engine plane. During landing, he confused lanes and landed on the taxiway, where at that moment an American Airlines airliner with 110 passengers on board was preparing to take off.

The dispatchers claimed that they gave the actor the correct instructions, and he reported that he had accepted them. The investigation into the incident was taken up by the US Federal Aviation Administration. However, it can continue for a very long time, since there are a lot of such cases in production, and the case with Ford is not a priority.

If, as a result of the investigation, the pilot's guilt is established, he can be held liable up to the revocation of his license to operate pilots.

Recall that Harrison Ford has repeatedly become a participant in aviation accidents and even catastrophes. In 2015, he landed a plane with a failed engine on a golf course.

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Author: Jake Pinkman