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Jesse Eisenberg to play Marcel Marceau


Popular Hollywood actor Jesse Eisenberg will play the legendary French mime Marcel Marceau in a biopic titled Resistance. According to Deadline, this was announced at the Cannes anniversary international movie festival.

Jonathan Yakubovich, scriptwriter and director of the movie, has been appointed director of the movie, which will tell about Marceau's participation in the French resistance during World War II "Stone fists". It is expected that his new project will be movieed in the spirit of the famous military drama "Life is Beautiful."

Recall that Marceau himself was born in France into a family of Jewish immigrants. Most of his relatives died in Nazi concentration camps. By his own admission, his work was greatly influenced by the movies of Charlie Chaplin, which he watched as a child. After the end of the war, Marceau created his most famous stage image of the clown Beep, which brought him worldwide fame. Marceau visited the USSR several times and won the love of the Soviet audience. In the late 70s, he created a famous pantomime school in Paris.

Note that Jesse Eisenberg should be close to this topic also because his mother worked as a clown in a circus troupe and also came from a family of Polish Jews .

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Author: Jake Pinkman