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Star Wars Shows For The First Time In China


All six episodes of Star Wars will premiere in China on big screens. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter with reference to Walt Disney Pictures, this significant for all Chinese fans of the fantastic saga will happen at the Shanghai International Film Festival.

Previously, Star Wars Episode 4 A New Hope, Star Wars Episode 5 The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars Episode 6 Return of the Jedi have never been screened in China.

Recall that in April 2015, in preparation for the premiere of the seventh episode of the saga, Walt Disney Studios, Lucasmovie Ltd., and 20th Century Fox announced the release of a digital edition of Star Wars, which will include all six released at the time of this writing. episode notes.

The premiere itself is scheduled for December 17, 2015. The director of the picture is JJ Abrams. The leading actors are Gwendoline Christie, Oscar Isaac, Harrison Ford, Domnal Gleason, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Andy Serkis, Daisy Ridley, Peter Mayhew, Adam Driver and other actors.

The seventh episode will give rise to a new trilogy, as well as many other projects, the events of which will take place in the Star Wars universe.

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