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A movie based on Fruit Ninja


In the wake of the success of the Angry Birds adaptation, Tripp Vinson has announced plans to movie another popular mobile game, Fruit Ninja. This is reported by The Hollywood Reporter. Chad Damiani, who previously worked on the script for the picture based on the illustrated guide "How to survive the uprising of the garden gnomes", will be responsible for adapting the events of the game for the screen.

It is alleged that the movie will be shot in the genre of "family comedy". The shooting and rental schedule at the time of this writing has not been specified. The production budget of the movie, as well as the leading actors, were also unknown.

As a reminder, Fruit Ninja was created by the Australian studio Halfbrick Studios and released for iOS devices in April 2010. A little later, it appeared on Android and Windows devices. The point of the game is to cut the fruits that appear on the screen with a virtual sword, for each of which a certain number of points is assigned. The game has several different modes.

"Fruit Ninja" quickly gained popularity and became one of the most downloaded in history. In total, it has been downloaded more than one billion times since its premiere.

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Author: Jake Pinkman