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Harrison Ford nearly caused the plane crash


Harrison Ford nearly became the cause of a serious aviation accident. According to TMZ, the single-engine Husky aircraft he piloted nearly collided with an American Airlines passenger airliner with 110 passengers on board.

It is alleged that Ford requested a landing at John Wayne Airport in California, and after receiving clearance from the dispatcher, landed his plane not on the lane indicated for him, but on "taxiing", on which the airliner preparing for takeoff was at that moment making maneuvers.

The Air Administration of the United States has taken up the investigation into this incident. Failure to enter a taxiway is a serious offense that can result in a heavy fine and even revocation of your aircraft license.

Note that Harrison Ford is an experienced pilot with great experience. He knows how to fly not only airplanes, but also helicopters.

In 2015, he managed to safely land a plane from World War II with a stalled engine on a golf course. Ford was seriously injured then, but after treatment he again found himself at the helm of the plane, of which there are several in his collection.

Representatives of the actor have not yet commented on the situation.

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Author: Jake Pinkman