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Godzilla won seven Academy Awards


Toho's 2016 movie "Godzilla" won seven Academy Awards, including major nominations such as Best Picture and Best Director. The Variety edition reports about this with reference to the organizers.

Best Foreign Language Film was named Miracle on the Hudson, a real-life drama about the emergency landing of a passenger airliner on water in New York.

Recall that the premiere of "Godzilla" took place in the summer of 2016. It was the first Japanese movie to feature the famous monster after a 12-year hiatus. He set a number of records at home and eventually became the highest grossing movie project of the year, earning more than $ 70 million.

Shinji Higuchi was responsible for the special effects of "Godzilla", who at one time movieed the full-length "Attack on Titans" dilogy. Japanese moviemakers initially set themselves the task of surpassing their Hollywood counterparts, at least in terms of the physical size of Godzilla. Their version of the monster is ten meters taller than the one shown in the 2014 American movie.

"Godzilla" became the 29th movie in a series of movies very popular in Japan.

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