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Colleen Wing will appear in Iron Fist


Marvel and Netflix have found a key heroine in the upcoming Iron Fist telecomic. Jessica Henwick has been cast as superhero Colleen Wing and will be joining Game of Thrones co-star Finn Jones, who plays the title character in the fourth Netflix series. This is reported by the ComingSoon edition.

Recall that the main character of the series, Danny Rand (Jones), returns after a long absence from New York City and fights criminals using his kung fu skill and the ability to accumulate energy in her fist.

Colleen Wing made her debut in the 19th issue of Marvel Premiere in 1974. Raised and raised by her grandfather in Japan, Colleen studied the path of the samurai. Adult Wing moves to New York, where her father, Professor Li Wing, teaches at Columbia University. When the cult of Kara Kai begins to hunt his father, the paths of the Wings and the Iron Fist cross for the first time. Soon Misty Knight is rescued by Colleen Wing, and they become friends and found a private detective agency Knightwing Restorations, Ltd. Thanks to the nickname that Random gave him, Knight and Wing soon become known as the Daughters of the Dragon.

“Jessica has the seething energy and power that her character needs,” the executive producer and head of Marvel said in a statement. Television Jeff Loeb. – And everyone who saw her in "Game of Thrones" can confirm that she will make the perfect Colleen Wing.

Last year, for the role of former NYC Police officer Misty Knight in the series "Luke Cage"

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