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Hugh Jackman saved Zac Efron from the fire


Hugh Jackman has confirmed that he is as much a superhero in real life as he is on screen. According to the popular Hollywood actor Zac Efron in an interview with MTV, Jackman saved him during a fire on the set of the movie "The Greatest Showman of the Earth."

According to Efron, during the work on one of the episodes, an abnormal operation of the pyrotechnics occurred. “We didn't know about it, but something went wrong there. In general, he pulled me out of an already burning building when I was in it and looked at the footage. A little later everything exploded there. And the whole set burned out. : Hugh Jackman rescues you from a burning building? This is every girl's dream, "he said.

Recall that the biographical drama with elements of the musical "The Greatest Showman of the Earth" tells about the life and professional activities of the famous American showman of the 19th century Phineas Taylor Barnum. The circus he founded exists to this day and continues to tour.

In addition to Jackman and EFron, Michelle Williams also starred in the movie. It was directed by Michael Gracie. "Earth's Greatest Showman" will be unveiled to American audiences in late December 2017. The movie will be released in USA in mid-January 2018.

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