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Ben Stiller divorced his wife


In Hollywood, another family union, considered one of the most durable, broke up. According to ET Online, spouses Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor filed for divorce after 17 years of marriage and 18 years of marriage. The reasons for the separation are not indicated in the official statement.

"With great love and respect for each other and 18 years spent together, we decided to divorce. Raising children remains a priority for us, which we will cope with as loyal parents and best friends. We ask the press to respect our privacy, "the document says.

Stiller and Taylor met on the set of a 1999 pilot for a television project. In the future, they repeatedly starred together, including in such movies as "The Exemplary Male" and its sequel, "Bouncers", "Soldiers of Failure" and others.

In 2002, the couple had a daughter, named Olivia, and in 2005 - a son, Quentin. In 2016, at the premiere of the sequel to the comedy "The Exemplary Male", Stiller and Teloir shared with reporters the secret of their then-seemingly happy marriage. Both of them said that a good sense of humor helps them a lot in overcoming difficulties.

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