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Fallout 4 premiere date announced


At the presentation of the studio Bethesda, held in the framework of the exhibition E3 2015, the date of the premiere of the game "Fallout 4" was announced. The head of the company, Todd Howard, told the assembled journalists that it will go on sale on November 10, 2015.

He also talked about some of the distinguishing features of the fourth episode of the game. In particular, its action will begin even before the nuclear apocalypse, and the user will be able to use almost any objects surrounding the character to design new types of weapons and means of protection. Also, after the "cleansing" of a certain territory, it will be possible to organize your settlements and connect them with other trade routes.

The dog shown in the commercials will become a constant companion of the protagonist and will be able to follow his orders, which will greatly facilitate access to some objects. The Pip-Boy wrist computer has also evolved. Now you can even play on it. Bethesda has promised to provide the special editions of "Fallout 4" with a real Pip-Boy that will work with the iPhone.

Recall that the RPG "Fallout" was presented to users in 1997 by Interplay Entertainment. It takes place in a world that has survived a global nuclear conflict.

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Author: Jake Pinkman