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Anne Hathaway could play Barbie


Anne Hathaway received an offer to play the lead role in the Sony Pictures movie, which will be dedicated to the most popular doll - Barbie. This is reported by The Hollywood Reporter. The actress will replace Amy Schumer, who dropped out of the project in March 2017. The movie crew will be led by Australian director Alethea Jones.

Earlier it became known that the plot will focus on the heroine, who one day realizes that she does not at all correspond to Barbie's standards and gradually realizes that the main thing is to be unique, not ideal. Whether this concept will continue with Hathaway's involvement remains to be seen.

Note that Sony Pictures, together with toy manufacturer Mattel, has been trying to make a full-length feature movie about Barbie for many years. For the first time, such plans were reported back in 2014. If the first picture was successful, the partners expected to create a new franchise.

Recall that the now famous doll was first presented to consumers in 1959 and since then has become one of the most popular toys in the world. Over the course of her long life, Barbie has assumed a different look and status, acquired many friends and accessories. Barbie has appeared in many animated movies and TV series, but will make her debut feature movie.

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Author: Jake Pinkman