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Harvey Weinstein kicked out of the Academy


The American Film Academy voted to expel renowned Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. According to an official press release received by the Novosti Kino portal, the decision was motivated by Weinstein's "disrespect for colleagues".

"The Board of Governors of the American Film Academy discussed at a special meeting the charges against Harvey According to the approved rules, as a result of the vote, two-thirds of the governors voted in favor of his immediate expulsion, thus not only rejecting association with someone who does not respect their colleagues, but also demonstrating that an era of deliberate disregard and shameful complicity in workplace behavior and harassment in our industry is over, " - said in a statement.

Representatives of the Film Academy declined to comment on proposals to deprive Harvey Weinstein of all awards. Note that in 1999, Weinstein received an Oscar as the producer of the movie Shakespeare in Love, he also has a nomination for the drama Gangs of New York. Let us also remind that the movies of the studios Miramax and The Weinstein Company founded by him have repeatedly won the highest awards of the American Film Academy.

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Author: Jake Pinkman