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Fox Networks Films War of the Worlds


Canal + and Fox Networks Group Europe & Africa will produce a new television adaptation of HG Wells' acclaimed War of the Worlds. Urban Myth Films and StudioCanal have already begun preparatory work on the sci-fi drama that is set today. According to The Hollywood Reporter, movieing will begin in the fall.

The script for the eight-part project will be written by BAFTA laureate Howard Overman ("Merlin", "The Bad"). Production is slated to begin production this fall and will debut in 2019 on Canal + in France and on Fox in over 50 countries in Europe and Africa.

"HG Wells' novel is in many ways a cautionary tale of racial superiority. and ethnic conflict, Overman, lead writer and executive producer at Urban Myth Films, said in a statement. – It is these topics that I would like to touch upon in more detail in my modern rethinking. I'm going to present a modern, bold and recognizable version to a new generation of viewers inspired by this beloved work. "

In the new version of War of the Worlds, astronomers are picking up signals from another galaxy, which confirms the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence. eagerly awaiting contacts with aliens, which happens very soon. In a matter of days, humanity is practically exterminated, and the survivors are watching with horror the ships of aliens hovering in the air, wondering: who are they and why do they want to destroy earthlings? Recall

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