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Deadpool II Children's Movie Trailer Premiere


The Cinema News portal presents to its readers a trailer for the so-called "children's" version of the movie "Deadpool 2", which will be released in the US under the title "Once Upon a Deadpool". The movie is a reworked version of the Marvel comic book adaptation with less violence and, as a result, with a rolling rating of PG-13.

Earlier it was announced that additional episodes were movieed specifically for this version, which will not have a decisive impact on the plot of the picture, but "will decorate some of its key moments." The leading actor Ryan Reynolds said in an interview that part of the proceeds from the rental will be donated to charity.

Note that according to the American rating system, movies marked PG-13, children under 13 years old can attend. The previously released version of Deadpool 2 was rated R by the American Film Producers' Association, meaning that viewers under the age of 17 could only watch it accompanied by adults, which significantly narrowed the audience for the project.

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Author: Jake Pinkman