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Will Smith returns to Genius


Will Smith decided to return to the project called "Genius", which he abandoned back in 2014. According to the publication Deadline, the movie adaptation of the novel by Marcus Seiki will be financed by the Paramount studio, and Akiva Goldsman will act as a screenwriter.

Note that the action takes place in a parallel reality, in which approximately one percent of the world's population is endowed with extraordinary abilities. In the center of the plot is federal agent Nick Cooper, whose task is to track down, and, if necessary, destroy, criminals and terrorists from among the "genius". The main character himself possesses a unique foresight, which makes him a formidable weapon in the hands of the special services. One day he is ordered to hunt down a dangerous intruder, but this task will completely change his ideas about the surrounding reality. The success of the first work predetermined the publication of the sequels. Now there are three novels in the series.

Recall that initially Universal and Legendary Pictures intended to take up the movie adaptation, but in the end Smith dropped out of the project and for some time Jared Leto was considered a contender for the main role. However, these plans were never realized.

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