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Justice League losses could reach $ 100 million


Losses to Warner Bros. due to the failure at the box office of the movie "Justice League" could be from 50 to 100 million dollars. This forecast is made by the influential Forbes edition, which analyzed the starting fees of the movie and its possible potential, both in North America and beyond.

All calculations were based on the cost of production of the painting, which could exceed $ 300 million , and the cost of an advertising campaign estimated by experts at $ 150 million. According to forecasts of analysts Forbes, the cumulative collection of the "Justice League" in the best possible combination of circumstances will amount to about 630 million dollars. The movie will collect most of this amount at the international box office.

Studio Warner Bros. will be able to count on 52 percent of fees in North America, however, outside its borders, its share will be significantly less - on average 38 percent. In China, the studio's share will not exceed 25 percent of the box office at all.

The study emphasizes that the cost of promoting Justice League is likely to be well in excess of $ 150 million, but the average for projects of this magnitude.

Forbes analysts also argue that the failure of the Justice League, "without any doubt, will cause great damage to all the next movie adaptations of DC comics, including the likes of Aquaman, Shazam" and the sequel to Wonder Woman, and will change the attitude of major investors towards such projects. "

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Author: Jake Pinkman