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Batman Solo Filming Postponed Again


Filming for a solo Batman movie has been postponed again. According to The Hollywood Reporter, citing its sources, instead of the summer of 2019, as previously assumed, they may begin no earlier than November. The movie's director Matt Reeves will allegedly continue to work on the script.

Note that at the official level, Warner Bros. has not yet announced the shooting schedule and a possible release date for Batman's solo album.

For the first time, plans to make such a movie were announced back in 2015. At the same time it became known that the scriptwriter and director will be the performer of the role of Batman in several projects of the DC MCU Ben Affleck. Later, the latter refused the director's chair, and then it became known that the studio did not want to movie his script.

Will Affleck return to the image of Batman again, unknown. Personal problems, including with alcohol, made the actor's participation in such a movie adaptation extremely problematic for the studio. First of all, due to the significantly increased amount of insurance, Affleck's physical form does not match that required to embody this image on the screens.

It was suggested that Reeves would prefer a younger actor.

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Author: Jake Pinkman