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Gillian Anderson naked for the animals


The X-Files star Gillian Anderson decided to support PETA's animal advocates and took part in a special photo shoot during which she had to pose nude.

The actress posted one of these photos on her official page in the social network Instagram, accompanied by the slogan, traditional for this campaign: "I would rather go naked than wear fur." The majority of fans of Anderson, who will turn 50 in 2018, focused not on the essence of the message, but noted her excellent physical shape.

Recall that the actress has recently been involved mainly in television projects. So, in addition to "The X-Files", she starred in the TV series "American Gods".

As for the role of Dana Scully that made her famous, Anderson, by her own admission, does not intend to return to this image anymore. The actress is also actively involved in the creation of a wide variety of entertainment content. In particular, she voiced the heroine of the video game "Squadron 42", which will be presented to users in 2018.

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Author: Jake Pinkman