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Roman Polanski's movie won the Cesar Awards


The French Academy of Arts and Sciences has unveiled a list of nominees for its annual Cesar Awards. According to The Hollywood Reporter building, the biographical drama "The Officer and the Spy", directed by the disgraced director Roman Polanski, became the absolute leader in the number of references.

The movie will be eligible for 12 awards, including Best Picture and Best Director. In the nomination "Best Foreign Film" such movies as "Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood", "Joker", "Parasites", "Traitor" and "Pain and Glory" will compete for the award.

Recall that Polanski's earlier movie based on true events won the Silver Lion at the International Venice Film Festival. She has also received the FIPRESCI award. The movie starred Jean Dujardin, Louis Garrel, Emmanuelle Signet, Herve Pierre, Melville Poupeau, Mathieu Amalric, Vincent Perez and other famous actors.

Recall that Polanski has been living in France since 1978, where he ended up after after leaving the United States because of charges of child abuse. In 2019, already the French actress Valentina Monnier caught the director of rape, which allegedly happened in the year 75.

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