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Milla Jovovich appeared as Monster Hunter


Milla Jovovich showed on her official Instagram page the first shot from the set of the movie "Monster Hunter", which will be based on the popular video game.

According to the description offered by the actress, her character will be named Captain Natalie Artemis, she will be a member of the UN special unit sent with her squad to another reality inhabited by terrifying monsters. She and her colleagues must try to close the portal to prevent the monsters from entering the Earth.

Earlier it was reported that, in addition to Jovovich, martial arts master Tony Jha and famous Hollywood actor Ron Perlman will also appear in the movie. The production budget of the movie, directed by Jovovich's husband, Paul V.S. Anderson, will be very modest - $ 60 million.

Recall that "Monster Hunter" is a console RPG game created and developed by Capcom. In the story, the player hunts various monsters, collecting new types of weapons and armor and increasing his combat experience. In 2018, the fifth episode of the game titled "Monster Hunter: World" was released.

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