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Police detained actor Mikhail Efremov


Metropolitan police have detained the famous USA artist Mikhail Efremov. As reported on the official website of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USA Federation for the city of Moscow, he is charged with committing a crime specified in Article 264 of the Criminal Code of the USA Federation.

"According to the investigation, on June 8 at about 22 o'clock in front of house 3 on Smolenskaya Square he made a collision with a Lada car, the driver of which was seriously injured and was taken to a medical facility, where he later died, "- the press release says.

one of the food delivery companies. As a result of the medical examination, it was established that that the alcohol content in the blood of Mikhail Efremov significantly exceeded the permissible norm.

This was not the first traffic violation that the artist committed in 2020. Previously, he was also repeatedly seen drunk in public places. If convicted, the actor faces a long term imprisonment.

The Topic of Article: Police detained actor Mikhail Efremov.
Author: Jake Pinkman