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Deadpool is in China by Ugly Little Guy


The name under which the second movie about Deadpool will be presented to Chinese viewers has become known. According to the Comic Book edition, the movie will be released under the title "Deadpool 2: I Love My Family", which, apparently, should be associated with the popular television show that was broadcast in the country in the 90s.

The Talkative Mercenary in China is called "Little Jianjian", which means "Ugly Little Guy". On this occasion, the leading actor Ryan Reynolds joked that "his wife was the first to call him that, but the Chinese can attribute it to themselves."

The Canadian actor canceled elective arm surgery so as not to disrupt the schedule his trip to China for the movie premiere. It is worth noting, that Reynolds' visit coincided with a sharp deterioration in relations between China and Canada. The crisis began in December 2018 after the arrest in Vancouver of one of the leaders of Huawei Technologies.

Recall that the movies "Deadpool" and "Deadpool 2" did not receive distribution certificates in China due to the abundance of scenes of violence. The situation changed after the Fox studio presented a new version of the sequel with a "children's" PG-13 rating.

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Author: Jake Pinkman