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Fourth Evil Dead director named


Bruce Campbell, the leading actor in the cult movie "Evil Dead", in an interview with correspondents of Empire Online, announced the creation of the fourth episode and named its director. According to the actor, the movie entitled "Evil Dead Now" will be directed by the creator of the thriller "The Other" Lee Cronin.

Campbell himself is unlikely to appear in the frame. "From now on, they kind of have to be on their own. And that's great. And liberating. In that case, there could be different heroes, different heroines. This one will be a little more dynamic ... we just want the episode to be relevant. that our heroes or heroines are just ordinary people. It is in this direction that we are going to continue the story ", - he said.

Recall that" Evil Dead "made its movie debut in 1981. The movie was successful and in 1987 a sequel was released, and a few years later the third series. In 2013, a full-length restart attempt was made. In 2015, Starz launched a series called Ash vs. Evil Dead, which ran for three seasons and ended in 2018. The shooting schedule for the fourth movie has not yet been specified.

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