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Cate Blanchett remembered Weinstein's harassment


The popular Australian actress Cate Blanchett remembered the harassment by Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, with whom she had worked on several projects. The actress's words are quoted by Variety.

"I believe that he primarily hunted, like most of these predators, vulnerable. I have bad memories of him. He often told me:" We are not friends. " , - she said. When asked by the reporter to comment on these words of Weinstein, Blanchett replied that "I would never have done what he asked her to do," refusing to clarify what it was about.

"I am interested in these people were persecuted We must create a legal precedent Part of Time`s Up mission is to help those who are unable to raise funds, to protect ourselves and move towards equality, fairness and safety in the workplace. When a precedent is set and someone is really convicted, then other victims can benefit from it. "Cate Blanchett expressed the hope that Harvey Weinstein will end up in jail.

Note that the actress starred in many of the movies that Weinstein produced, notably The Talented Mr. Ripley and The Aviator.

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Author: Jake Pinkman