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George Lucas ignored the Star Wars 9 premiere


Star Wars creator George Lucas ignored the American premiere of Star Wars 9: Skywalker Rising. Nevertheless, as noted by the Comic Book, the head of the Lucasmovie studio Kathleen Kennedy paid tribute to the famous director and producer during the gala events.

"We would not all be standing here without him. His version of Star Wars." left its mark on the history of cinema, and today we honor his legacy. Without him, I would not have had a childhood. And for me, most of the work in the galaxy that he created, "she said.

Note that George Lucas was unhappy with the development of Star Wars. Bob Iger, the head of the Walt Disney Company, admitted this in his memoirs. According to him, Lucas was disappointed that that the new management of Lucasmovie studio abandoned the use of his story, which he passed on after the sale of Star Wars. "He knew that I would be firm in upholding the studio's right to creative control, but it was not easy for him to accept that," Iger wrote.

Star Wars Episode 9 is expected to hit the US box office at 175 -200 million dollars. Walt Disney gives a more conservative forecast of $ 160 million.

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Author: Jake Pinkman