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Star Wars 9 Gross Over $ 900 Million


Star Wars 9: Skywalker Rising continues to push its billion dollar box office grossly. According to statistics from the Boxofficemojo portal, the final episode of the new trilogy easily retained the leadership in home and international distribution. Its worldwide box office has exceeded $ 918 million.

The adventure movie "Jumanji 2: The Next Level" was in second place at the end of last weekend. He grossed another $ 26.5 million at the American box office, and his worldwide gross exceeded $ 600 million. Most likely, the sequel will not be able to repeat the achievement of the first episode, which grossed more than $ 900 million.

The movie "Little Women" took the third line of the rating. In his second weekend, he earned $ 13 million, and only a little over $ 80 million on his account.

Only from the fourth place was the horror movie "The Curse" able to start in North America, which debuted with a score of 11 million dollars. However, the movie's meager production budget, estimated at $ 17 million, will likely be returned within days of release.

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Author: Jake Pinkman