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Deadpool is the most successful X-Men again


The edited version of Deadpool 2 has successfully launched in China, earning $ 21.4 million. Thus, the combined worldwide grossing of the movie adaptation of Marvel comics exceeded $ 767 million, which allowed Deadpool to once again become the most successful character in the Cinematic Universe X-Men.

Recall that the box office of the first series was $ 783 million. And the most successful project, which featured other mutants, was the movie "X-Men: Days of Future Past", which at one time finished with a score of $ 747 million.

The first and second movies about Deadpool in those versions, in which they were released in other countries, were never shown in China, as the censors felt they were too violent. The lead actor Ryan Reynolds personally presented the "lite" version of the sequel to the Chinese public. He also confirmed that the creators of the two adaptations have already begun work on the third, and that it will be "radically different" from what viewers have seen on screens before.

Fox studio did not specify at the time of this writing. the distribution schedule of the third movie about the Chatty Mercenary.

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Author: Jake Pinkman